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Most of the people don't take action with affiliate marketing because they don't know where to start and they want immediate results.

Making money online comes with the package "no efforts to make cash" but this is not quite the case.

What Hosting? Which affiliate network? What kind of offer? What tracker?  country? Which traffic source? 

Instead of reading this, what you should do is open this page on a screen and take action on the other screen.

I will write here how to set up a paid campaign that can eventually be profitable.

This is how these tutorials will be laid out!

Day 1: Preparation Work

Day 2: Offers

Day 3: Tracker

Day 4: Setting Up a Campaign - 1

Day 4: Setting Up a Campaign  - 2

Day 5: Optimizing a Direct-Linked Pop Campaign -  1

Day 6: Optimizing a Direct-Linked Pop Campaign - 2

Day 7:  Explanations

Day 8-9: Testing

Day 10: When Campaign Performance Is Over

Day 11-12:  More CPA Networks

Day 13-17: How to Test In Mass

Day 13-17: Mass Testing

Day 18: Direct-Linking to Other Offers

Day 19-20: Landing Pages

Day 21: Hosting and a CDN

Day 22: Steal Landers from Spy Tools

Day 23-26: Adjust The Landers

Day 27: Optimizing The Landing Pages

Day 28-31: How To Test Landing Pages A/b testing

Day 32-36: Test More Offers

Day 37-40: Scaling For Other Offers

Stay Tuned,

Marco Diversi

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