Affiliate Marketing, what it is ? The only way to be finally free.

There are so many companies out there, have you ever wondered how they make sales? Well affiliate marketing is one of the most remunerative ways, each company have their affiliate programs, and depending on the sale the affiliate gets money. Like doing affiliate marketing on the internet is the best way to start, the first thing you must consider is the difference between affiliate programs and affiliate networks. An affiliate program is a single program that a company might offer on their website, usually commission is higher but you will need an account for each company, and your job will also be checking all of these accounts to see your revenues, an affiliate network instead is a big website that speaks to all the companies and gathers together all the companies in its affiliate system.
One of the most important entities in affiliate marketing is the HOPLINK, this is a link generated from the affiliate system that is just yours, anyone who clicks it will be linked to your profile, the structure of the hoplink is typically the following:

So what? Well in 2 words we can say that → you're going to create your profile on the company affiliate system, you will get a link to promote, when people will buy from that link you'll get money in your account. So if you have a lot of traffic, a lot of emails, a big network, money will come.

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