Bookmarks importance

All we do while in front a computer is for the majority surfing the web and every day we discover new nice things, the fact that google has a really good bookmarks interface is very good, if you logged in into your google account always I recommend a 2-step security account then you will have all your bookmarks in place in your chrome browser. What I do is usually export every week my bookmarks into my Dropbox so I am sure that if something goes wrong I will have it back, I have around 1600 bookmarks and all of them they are useful for me and can't imagine to lose them! I organize them into folders and I keep my bookmarks bar as full as possible removing the name of the website and just keeping the icon, on the bookmarks bar I keep the website I use the most. To manage and organize the bookmarks you can get the option from the right top corner, 3 lines thing, there's an option /bookmarks/bookmarks manager! I usually remove the description ( right click on the bookmarks / EDIT ) from the bookmarks I use the most in the bookmarks bar so I just have the icons of these websites, so that I can fit more websites and having a better-looking bookmarks bar at the same time, you can also add folders to the bar.


OF COURSE, YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD CHROME BROWSER OR TORCH BROWSER, both are chromium browsers chrome more reliable but TORCH BROWSER has very awesome features like the possibility to download any kind of media from any page, you tube videos etc.. and it can be used as a torrent engine.