I love space and science, I really enjoy thinking about aliens and new forces controlling new worlds, I always mention to be a dreamer and to me there's nothing that helps me more to constantly dream than looking at the space, space discoveries and the fast advance of technology and science, I question myself every second with questions like:

  1. how this computer works
  2. how they made this computer processor
  3. how they can make a space shuttle able to go to the moon and are not able to fix starvation in africa
  4. how a single man like Hitler was able to kill persons for one belief
  5. how people can believe in gods and get killed if they don't
  6. how people can believe we are alone in an infinite universe
  7. how we can confirm that the universe is expanding
  8. how we were able to make the CERN experiment in Geneva
  9. who is working at CERN and how they made the machine
  10. and so on .... on so on .....

The following buttons are some of the websites i like the most to stumble upon .