Money Services

When you start making millions of dollars on the internet, you will need ways to be payed, those are the one I love the most.

  1. Coinbase
  2. Coinbase is the coolest way to store your money, it is a bitcoin wallet, you can store your money and buy bitcoin, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, the stock market on it is full of hopes since on average bitcoin gets 300 $ more valuable each 6 months. Right now bitcoin value is about 1200 $ and we are in march 2017 if you will read this article next year, just be amazed then.

  3. N26
  4. The best Bank ever, the app is amazing it keeps tracks of everything you can add savings accounts and trade money, the best place to put your money is N26 for sure

  5. Payoneer
  6. Payoneer works pretty neatly, it is on my advice better than Paypal because you can order a credit card and use money from the credit card.

  7. ePayments
  8. ePayments is one of the coolest online wallets, there are $, Euros, Russian money and cryptocurrencies as well, the app is fantastic and the website pretty cool too, bad thing is that they ask too many documents to verify the profile and sometimes payments are buggy. and slow.

  9. PayPal
  10. PayPal is one of the most accepted and famous ways to pay online, cons are that the address can not be changed if you move you need to make a new PayPal, and credit cards are available only for business purposes. Lame! Feel free to PayPal me, I would love that LOL.

  11. Neteller
  12. Neteller is similar to Payoneer, I like more the app and website even tho Payoneer is more accepted.

  13. Bank account
  14. Bank account