All of us came out from a "mother", a mother can be different things depending on what you are on this planet. It is taken for granted that life exists and we can live it, from your first breath your facing constantly decisions to make, some of them are controlled some of them uncontrolled, it's not possible, YET, to transform all our actions into controlled actions, some of them will be controlled and others uncontrolled. The reason why everything surrounds us exists apparently comes from a force that no one gave a formula or a mathematical explanation or scientific proof, but in theory, everything sticks together to that force and all the results are coming from this force are producing the universe where we are. To made a founded conclusion on how this force acts and keeps all together we can just experiment that force on our skin, all the rules that apply to gravity, magnetism, pressure apply to LOVE, but no one can really explain what really is. When thinking about love the human stereotype created in our brains stupid imagines of hearts, gods or words like "forever" and even created days to celebrate love, all of this exist in a very shallow way and no one taught us or at least directed us on how to keep love flourish in our bodies, man created techniques to get closer to this force but no one knows something concrete. or made theorems and formulas.


Thinking about love as love between your girlfriend or a persons is just a concrete start, most of the people uses love in a very wrong way and this causes depressions, mental illness, and unsatisfactory feelings, I grew up as a really weird person and for me what for others was normal it was not, I expanded my mind and overthought about problems alone and comparing myself to not only humans but also to objects and everything that was "me related". At my actual stage, I am able to figure out persons and obsolete and not useful things before everyone else I know. My goal is to find a scientific proof that love is the external force that keep everything together and that this force can be taught without the use of abstract and illusory gods or fairy tales.