Italian is the most beautiful language in the world but talked only in Italy and a little part of Switzerland. For a lot of languages, they have created a website where you can learn heaps of languages for free having fun, the website name is " duolingo" I recommend this website also to kids and I suggest their parents let them playing with it. You need to create an account and LEARN, ' a bit every days is the motto'.

DUOLINGO is probably the most easy way to learn any language

Other Resources listed here :

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quizlet, you actually have to create your dictionary it's cool
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Italian newspaper


Rosetta stone is an important and expensive software some people find it useful some other people not, it is available on mac and win platform and there are more than 25 languages available, the approach is throughout different kind of computer exercises.


Pimsleur approach is a language course entirely audio, I recommend it while driving or simple relaxing , the approach is to put into your mind the language by repeating lots of times the sentences

These last two are very effective learning software's, if you want it just contact me and I can provide you a cheaper version for few bucks in almost any language available on the market.