How to do it ?

I think the best way to do affiliate marketing is just to start somewhere and see that you can make money, even making 1$ will make you understand how powerful it is, and your skills will grow along the problems that are coming on the way. On my experience starting selling something where you need almost zero knowledge of the product but people will buy it even without your tips is the best way to start off. There are so many affiliate networks out there but the most famous are Clickbank and CJ . What those guys do is simply put up other people products together and generate hoplinks for you. If you create a ClickBank account you will have the opportunity to look at a marketplace and pick your offer to promote, you can use anything you want to promote, nonetheless these times the most common and FREE ways to promote are:

There are also a lot of paid ways, the most common are:

However, I'd rather go for affiliate programs instead which you have more controls on your hoplinks and usually pay more, even thought it might be a problem when filing your taxes because you will have so many different companies giving you so many different invoices.

So just start and try to make your first dollar VIA your hoplink.
Go on a company you love website → google the name of the company + affiliate program → sign up →get your hoplink → share it on facebook → hope someone buys.

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