Jumping the rope is the best cardio activity you can do, you can do it anywhere and improves stamina, coordination, strength and life.

  • Two Feet Basic Jump
  • This is the most basic of jump rope techniques and if you’re a complete beginner, then you should start here. It just requires you to stand with both feet slightly apart and jump over the rope, landing in the same position that you started in.

  • Switching Foot Jump
  • This is another basic jump rope technique and even more common than the previous. It requires alternate feet to leave the ground in a jogging/running fashion while timing your jumps. If you want to intensify your workout, then you can either speed up your pace or bring your knees up.

  • Side to Side
  • Starting off in the Two Feet Basic Jump position, begin performing the same jump as normal. As you’re jumping, using both feet, start jumping from side to side. You can start by doing short side jumps first then progress onto longer side jumps.

  • Single Foot Hops
  • This technique requires you to hop over the jump rope with either foot continuously, then switch to your other foot. Performing 2 or 3 hops with one foot before switching over is generally common among boxers.

  • Scissors
  • The scissors is very similar to the Criss-Cross Feet Jumps but instead of crossing your feet from side to side, you must cross them from front to back instead. After each jump, you should end up with one feet in front of the other with a bit of distance in between.

  • Double Under
  • Fast swings and higher jumps are the basis of the Double Under Jumps. You must assume the Two Feet Basic Jump positioning, and for each jump, swing the rope fast and hard to make sure that it goes under your feet twice. It’s not necessary to jump high but as a beginner, it helps. When you master it, you’ll be able to perform the Double Under Jumps with little gap from your feet to the ground.