Jailbreaking your iPhone is the most interesting thing you can do with it, it's 100% safe and it won't jeopardize your warranty. Here are the main reasons why you should do it :


Every time a new IOS version comes out it will take few weeks before you 'll be able to Jailbreak your iPhone, from this simple Wikipedia link you can see whenever an IOS version will be jailbreakable , half way of the page there is a table that will mention which software you'll need based on the IOS version you have. For instance right now we are running IOS 9.0.2 and the table refers to Pangu9. Download the software and follow the instructions. The most important things everytime you do a jailbreak are :

  1. Turn off find my phone from iCloud
  2. Remove the passcode (just during the jailbreak process)
  3. Make a backup throughout iTunes just right before your going to jailbreak.
  4. Never update from iTunes after the jailbreak; it's hard to downgrade, not impossible but very hard.( just keep it in mind )

You will succeed and after the reboot you want to click on CYDIA , a new app created by the process. Just download all the files that CYDIA needs as a DEVELOPER.

Then you wanna start adding repos from where the cracked software will be downloaded, here the list of my favorite repos, you have to type them manually:

  1. http://repo.appleyardim.org/
  2. http://repo.biteyourapple.net/
  3. http://cydia.angelxwind.net/
  4. http://sinfuliphonerepo.com/
  5. http://cydia.xsellize.com//
  6. http://cydia.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/

but you can find more just googling cydia repos. Some tweak are not free but you can easily find the repos with the cracked tweak and have it for free. To add a repo just tap on SOURCES →EDIT→ADD . Repo number 4 it's important if you have a simlocked iPhone from the United States that you wanna use in Europe. In 95 % of the cases the tweak ultrasn0w will unlock your iPhone if not there's a Baseband problem the unlock will be a bit harder, you can email me or I will probably make a tutorial soon for that. ( if after 3 tries to install ultrasn0w it will not unlock, it's a baseband problem). Here there's a list of tweaks I can not survive without and you should install:

  1. Appsync 9 [ will allow you to download cracked apps from this websites for example https://appdb.cc/ ] you want to drop the cracked apps into iTunes and sync then.]
  2. ASupdatehider [ the cracked apps can be updated only downloading the app again from the website above, this tweak will allow to hide the update message in your app store that wont upgrade the app because not recognized]
  3. Gridswitcher [ I love this tweak I will post picture on how my phone looks like, it spreads the opened apps all over the screen]
  4. Applock [ You can add a password for each app, no sneaky girlfriend can see your secrets ]
  5. CCQuick Pro [ it allow to modify the control center, excellent]
  6. Slide2kill 8 pro [ with one slide you can kill all the multitasking apps and save memory hence faster phone]
  7. NCallonly [ remove the useless parts on your notification center]
  8. NCsingletapclear [ you don't have to press twice to delete the notification from notification center but you have to press once]
  9. f.lux [ available also for desktop it's a tweak that changes your screen color and brightness based on the sunset and sunrise of your location, ideal for people wit problems sleeping!]
  10. Winterboard [ To change theme to your iPhone, a lot of themes are available for Winterboard ]
  11. Springtomize 3 [ You can personalize all your phone ]
  12. ikeywi 3 [ you can add a 4th row to your keyboard, awesome ]
  13. Cloaky [ a lot of features, but i like the one that allow me to add a date in the status bar ]
  14. hideme8 [ you can hide whatever it bothers you ]
  15. Activator [ shortcuts activator, must have .]
  16. Location Holic [ fake your location]
  17. FMF live [ get notified when someone is looking at your location like find my friend etc..]
  18. Infinidock [ my favorite tweak, add app to your dock, up to 6 and you can have several rows too ]
  19. Eclipse [ Amazing tweak, you can change the color of your apps layout and make everything more cool and visible]
  20. Swipeselection [ this is GOD, you can swipe on the keyboard to go back and forth on the text , no more pointing the magnifier ]
  21. Snapper
  22. Browser changer [ Change your default browser from safari to chrome for example ]
  23. Folder enacher
  24. Maunalcorrect pro
  25. iFile
  26. couria
  27. couria whatsapp
  28. tinybar
  29. dietbar
  30. multiiconmover+
  31. PM really? [ it warns you if you put an alarm for the afternoon ]
  32. Phantom snapchat [ snapchat to the max]
  33. Priority Hub
  34. Stealth Cam [ You can take pictures while the screen is black, spy stuff]
  35. oopslock [ it wont unlock your phone for an amount of seconds you decide after you press the lock button]
  36. IMN
  37. Nuntius
  38. nitrous
  39. Icon renamer
  40. Slo-Mo Mod
  41. Cameratweak3 [ MUST HAVE IT, you can enache the camera to the max, you can change format to pics and videos, saving memory space etc.. ]
  42. Frontflash
  43. CircleIcons [ it makes the icons circular ]
  44. Dim
  45. Clap


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