How to live abroad

Living abroad for some people can be a struggle and for other persons just fun, I have spent the last 7 or more years living far from my family and best friends and after all the main question that bear into my mind is: IS IT WORTH IT?
I mean travel the world is awesome, living in other places, road tripping around eating local food and meet new people is fantastic but until what point it's worth the medal, if at the end everything we build suddenly can vanish , are more important experience, money and success than love and affects ?
Right now I am living in an advanced country and I have all the goods everyone need but still I feel like home is always home and I am putting on the the table all the pro and cons of this.

Well if you are thinking about moving abroad, the only thing you must need is : ORGANIZATION AND PERFECT COORDINATION OF YOUR TASKS AND THINGS TO DO ON A DAILY BASE, I would not be able to do that without my iPhone and reminders app, I note everything on that app from a stupid thing to a important thing (a place I wanna visit, a thing I must do, something I don't have to forget, what I have to buy, any idea that pop up in my mind etc..) based on the fact that you'll be most of the time alone dealing with people that maybe talk another language than yours and probably won't understand that you are in a place with different rules and it might take time to figure them out.

Here is a list of things to do before leaving that saved me few times:

As soon as your butt is all settled your ready to go an make $, you will need them to have a decent life, try to be always a step above the others and try to do whatever you can do by yourself without the help of anyone, ask yourself questions multiple times be diffident to the max and act only when you are 100% sure that is the right thing to do, keep your mind separate from your body think of the solution as something that seems impossible and just think about the possible ways to get there without thinking HOW, how will come.... try to excel in everything you do and results will come.

BE DIFFIDENT BE FOOL ............... from ME