To find a cool job you need a purpose in life, first of all, you have to feel good about yourself as a human! The first thing that comes to us is money, how do I will survive with no money, no love, no hopes. This NO in front all the things we would like to have is a devil, the same thing for the SHOULD statements that have to be removed from the normal conversations. Things will just come as soon as we will be comfortable with ourselves; watching this video in all its 45 minutes will help a lot!

  2. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for everyone looking for a job, it's very important to create a profile that can have a big impact on whoever will visit your profile, to do that it will take a lot of time and efforts, you can create a stiff network of contacts, for instance, you can add HR or CEO of companies and you can send them messages that they will read. I will list some tips on how to create a good LinkedIn profile and I will link also my profile so that you can take some hints.

    This is the link to my profile if you want to take a look: Marco Diversi

  3. Create a Good Resume
  4. Every nation requires a different kind of resumes, before applying for any job you should check the requirements of the nation you apply for or the job you apply too. I have some templates I can share with you even thought my resume I would never share it because I spent 6 months to create the template I have made and I think that everyone should spend some time in creating its own resume template. I took care of every detail from the margins the spacing between the letters the spacing between the different sections and fonts, colors and lines are giving a strong impact on my resume. The most used resume, especially for the position in the United States or any advanced country, is a single page resume with no picture where on top there are your personal data and then your experience education, skills and other fields such as hobbies or special talents or licenses you have.

    Cover Letter Sample


    Purdue Owl
    MIT courseware
    The princeton review
    Learn touchtyping
    Life Hacks
    Live in gray
    50 ways to get a job
    Free resume templates

  5. Put you resume on the job engines
  6. There are tons of job searching engines, I would recommend YOU to put your resume at least on these and research jobs at least on these and complete accurately every field. SUBSCRIBE AND CREATE PERSONAL EMAIL JOB ALERTS !!!!!!!!

    Zip Rectruiter

  7. Think what you want to do and create a position for you.
  8. If you don't feel like to start your business but you have a strong passion for something and you want to work for the company of your dreams; you can do it !

    Take A look at this Article

  9. Start your business
  10. TIP 1
    TIP 2
    TIP 3
    TIP 4 Read this website a lot
    TIP 5 listen to this dude

  11. General Tips
  12. Never stop to be thirsty of knowing, YouTube is a good place to find any kind of inspiration and videos that will turn on the light in your brain. put in the search field stuff like: " how to grow your business"; " how to create your business " etc..

  13. Learn Learn Learn Love
    1. You gotta have time to learn something every single day.
    2. Find a mentor.
    3. Get a girlfriend/boyfriends that supports you and does not drain all your energy.
    4. Respect who loves you.
    5. Get constantly inspired and be the best world observer.
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