Get the best out of your cool MAC

An apple device is something completely different from any other device, first of all a mac is a mac and not an hybrid of 700 different companies that are making components for your computer, for example if you need a wireless antenna or a battery for a mac book early 2009 you know exactly where to get it and you don't get lost in what kind do you specifically need.
90% of the persons I know who own an iPhone or a laptop doesn't know how to properly use a mac computer and I feel like it's a waste for them to have one.
There are so many things you can do with a mac but first of all my advice is to figure out how to get the most out of it and make it faster and without any problems for several YEARS! Mac computers if treated with respect will never let you down. The following list is a list of must have to do on a mac:
- Getting a RAM upgrade, Apple original RAM is very expensive I scoured the whole web and found the best website to buy ram for your computer, the quality is even better than the original from apple and the US version of the website has a magic system scanner that you can download from the tab /ram/system scanner that is able to figure out exactly what kind of ram your mac is able to have installed and the maximum quantity of RAM that you can add. Like a Macbook PRO that comes out with 4 GB of ram can be upgraded to 16 GB for 60 $ instead of 250 $, your computer will FLY then.
- Repair permits on the solid drive - Reduce the monitor translucency and completely avoid or reduce the spotlight function - Put iPhotos library on external hard drives, same for iTunes - Check for kernel_task problems if you have a problem, usually, it has to be considered as a problem when takes more that 30 % of your RAM memory.
The best and biggest thing you can do on a computer, in this case, a MAC is to format it to factory settings, it become less scary and a lot easier in the last few months, no more booting Cd's needed and you just have to follow some easy steps to get rid off all the errors you've made over the years.

I recommend to spend 25 $ on tuxera NTFS , it's a software that adds the option on your mac to format hard drives as NTFS so windows readable and fast readable ! TUXERA