Sometimes even apple can be annoying, I had several problems I have fixed but I don't remember any more right now, from now on I will list here the most annoying ones and their fix.

PROBLEM 1 - Impossible to upgrade a too old device (iPhone,iPad ) to a new IOS version.

I have got few perfectly working iPad 3 few weeks ago the problem was that the lady kept their iPads3 not updated and there was installed on it IOS 4.3.2 , right now we have IOS 9.2.1, basically what happened is that when I plugged the iPad in my iTunes I could not restore and update and ERROR 9 came out and it was impossible to turn on the iPhone anymore. Here the fix steps:

PROBLEM 2 - iPhone doesn't charge and is not recognized even after charging port changed. U2 IC

This is an annoying problem, all seems to work perfectly but at the end, you discover your phone is not recognized when plugged in, the causes of this damage could be the ground wire damaged or a bad charging cable. Before going into the deep on how to change this try some stupid tricks

If none of the ones above work the problem is more likely to be the U2 IC chip, to do this repair is very complicated and sometimes easier to just change the logic board.

PROBLEM 3 - iTunes Error 53 (iphone,ipad ) to a new IOS version.

This is was the worse error you could get, the cause is the touch ID cable safety, if you were braking the screen and accidentally the wire that goes underneath for the touch ID, your phone was trash that only apple could fix for a lot of money, changing screen or cable won't work because the ID was linked to the IMEI. Now there is a fix , HERE IT IS

PROBLEM 4 - Fix the iPhone 4s WiFi Grayed out not working problem

This fix sounds like a SCI-FI movie but it actually works, if your experiencing problems with your WiFi or in the worse case your WiFi button in settings is grayed out and your device can not connect to the internet do this: