Excel is one of my favorite programs, when I was a kid I always thought it was a huge table where to put numbers and get them printed with lines, it took me years to figure out that was not what excel it's meant for and when I got it I was fascinated by the cool things you can do with it, it's actually fun for me sometimes, like I use it constantly to check my finances, my small businesses progress, and I use it as a tool for almost everything that needs fast calculations.
I will write down just a few examples of what you can do with it and make a few demonstrative files to download where you can explore its capabilities and then research it your self-based on your needs. When you open a new excel files the console it will be very similar to " Microsoft Word" the biggest difference is the status bar with fx over there is mainly where the magic will happen, if you download some excel guides or ask me for tutorials I can provide you good tutorials but the main idea is that over there you can use a lot of functions such as SUM - AVERAGE - GAUSS - IF - ELSE - AND - OR etc... and you can create intelligent spreadsheet. Every box is treated as a single cell and you can use it to write stuff same as work or use function graphs etc.. to do that you need to put the " = " into the box and start typing the function.
In the following example, I will make a simple example so that you can understand the basics and go on. The most advanced things you can do are macros and are using the visual basic platform and you can literally program everything from there. But first, start playing with this file.
DOUBLE CLICK ON ROW OR COLUMNS LINE WILL MAKE THE ROW OR COLUMNS FIT THE TEXT YOUR ENTERING!In exercise 1, there is an example of IF function on H4-H5-H6- H7 you just need to make the function on H4 and drag it down when the black full cross appears on the right bottom corner. This function implies that there will be an earning or loss bases on the sum of row 4-5-6-7 each of them separates. just click on the boxes and see the fx box to see what goes behind the scenes.