Ebay - Amazon - Alibaba and oline shopping

Everything started around February 2015, I bought some cheap Chinese electronics thing on Ebay, I suddenly got addicted and the following days were just working and thinking what next to buy, these are the main reasons why everyone should shop online:

  1. You can get the most advanced and cool item that you will never be able to find in your city, region country for that cheap!
  2. As soon as you set up a 2-steps verification account on google, Dropbox and Paypal through the settings menus, your payments will be very safe and it will be so easy to get refunded if something goes wrong.
  3. From you couch you can get practically anything = productive lazy person.
  4. You'll make your mailbox happy
  5. You save a lot of money and time searching in your town

I think that Ebay is the most user friendly one, it's fast and efficient Amazon is good because you can see the customers reviews but honestly I trust only myself so Ebay is better, Alibaba is interesting if you have in mind to start a new business since if you buy big quantities of the same thing can be way cheaper than Ebay. Every company have their website where you can buy their product if you are looking for something specific, be aware always to don't click weird links when paying and you can always double check clicking on the search bar next to the www of any website, usually when you have to make a payment over there it comes out verified website.

The first pic is not fine, the second one is fine for purchases! The following pictures are a normal day buying on Ebay for me, I bought all these items yesterday in 30 minutes, you can't do that without Ebay.