It's not possible to imagine my life without Dropbox right now, Dropbox is simply awesome, for the people that never heard about it Dropbox is a virtual space on the internet where you can store your documents and connect them to all your devices, smartphones laptops computers etc... The most useful option are listed here.

  1. Ability to send big files without having to upload them on the email but just sending the link
  2. Full integrity in the system, right click of the mouse shows Dropbox option such as 'share the link' 'share the folder' etc..
  3. Possibility to create shared folders with one or multiple friends so that they will be able to see the contents directly on their computers.
  4. Managing your important files where ever you are

The first thing you wanna do is downloading Dropbox through this link:

  2. Then as soon as the software is installed you want to create a folder on your computer and set up a 2-steps security account from the settings menu
  3. inviting friends and completing some Dropbox challenges and getting vouchers can increase your 2GB free space on Dropbox at least to 50 GB which I consider it enough. [2GB is pretty bad] you can always upgrade to more space but I think that if your a bit sneaky and smart you can easily reach at least 50 GB
  4. I suggest to read all the settings preferences and set up your account on both computers and smartphones and dowloading the Authenticator app :
  6. IOS

From the menu on the left on the browser there are all the options , I have personally created personal folders and i have shared folder with my best friend so that everything I drop there goes in their computers.