A lot of people contributed to the creation of computers, but the only 2 visionary and genial persons that put all together were Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, both are extremely intelligent persons and even thought rivals they were kind of friends, I think that Jobs was more interested in how people would love to use a computer and Gates on how people will use a computer. I have no doubts about the brilliant look and way that Apple makes their computers, the thing I like the most is the fact that if something goes wrong you know where to get the part you need and you know what computer you have, with a windows computer parts are assembled and coming for 845853 different companies and it gets harder to put all the parts together to the best without a lot of studies. Since 6 years is possible to install Windows on a Mac and it's very fast I will talk more in the article "how to install windows on a mac". Apple is very direct, the first Macintosh was the dimension of a shoe box, even though my dad still he's not able to use a computer his terrible intelligent mind put him in the circumstances to start one of the first architectural studio driven by mac computers, no one was using a mac when all started and I still remember when I was going to his office to play very stupid games with that computer. This computer cost was of 2495 $ and the RAM was 128 kb, you would not even able to imagine how it was working right now. We are talking of October 1985 / 2016-1985 = 31 years ago !!!

Right now every September more or less a new model comes out and we reached a technology and a design that makes you hungry ad fool to use it.

There is no way that I will have a Windows computer ever, having an iPhone a time capsule and a mac it's like having a perfectly working in harmony classic orchestra playing for you every day !