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Our History
Chengdu Chuanda Huaxi Health Products Co., Ltd., formerly known as Qingbai Health Products Co., Ltd., was founded in 1988. It is located in the industrial concentrated development zone of Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu, covering an area of 28,000 square meters. Under the guidance of seabuckthorn experts from West China College of Pharmacy, Sichuan University (formerly West China College of Pharmacy, West China Medical University), the company specializes in the production and sales of seabuckthorn products. Relying on the strong technical support of Sichuan Chuanda Huaxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the West China Pharmaceutical College of Sichuan University, the company has been developing for 30 years. It has gradually developed from a single professional manufacturer that provides raw materials of vinegar flavonoids for the pharmaceutical industry with sea buckthorn as the raw material. Become a medical and food plant including sea buckthorn raw materials, new food materials, functional oligosaccharides (alcohols), dietary fiber and other functional raw materials as the main body, provide functional agricultural and sideline products for the health industry, general food (solid beverages , Confectionery products, edible vegetable oils, instant foods, substitute teas, flavored teas), nutritional foods, health foods, disinfection products and daily necessities. It is a scientific and technological enterprise focusing on research, production and sales.
The company focuses on the research and development, production and sales of functional foods, and has established extensive and in-depth cooperation with West China College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sichuan University. It has a group of senior experts and scholars who have long been engaged in functional food research. Unique, has accumulated rich experience in the industrial transformation of research results, and has strong technical support capabilities.
The company's products are targeted at both domestic and foreign markets. Seabuckthorn fruit powder, seabuckthorn extract (sea buckthorn flavone), seabuckthorn fruit oil and other products produced from seabuckthorn have been exported to Japan for nearly ten years, and their preparations have been sold to nearly 1,000 members of the Japanese Traditional Chinese Medicine Association. Stores have a good reputation in the Japanese market. The company's own brand of functional common foods (Hippophae rhamnoides tablets, sea buckthorn essence, sea buckthorn fruit oil) and health foods (Youxin soft capsules, Shuyuan capsules) sell well in the domestic market, and the product quality continues to be stable. Relying on the advantages of technology and quality, good service and reputation, the company's products have been widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers for decades.
Relying on its scientific research technology, brand, software and hardware advantages, in recent years, the company has closely followed the pulse of the market and the needs of the general public, based on "cultivating and serving small and micro customers", actively expanding the OEM/ODM market, providing customers with processed materials and customized products. One-stop services such as manufacturing, product research and development, quality standard establishment, packaging design, production organization, finished product inspection, and policy and regulation consulting are ideal incubators for entrepreneurs and the cradle for the growth of small and micro customers. At present, the company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many merchants, and its OEM / ODM products sell well in the domestic market.
"Quality-oriented, customer first", the company adhering to the corporate purpose of "quality is the life of the enterprise", making full use of the advantages of technology, brand and geographical location, and actively develop flexible and diverse cooperative relations with the outside world. Welcome all colleagues who are interested in the health industry Join to create a better future together and contribute to the health industry!
Our Product
Hippophae rhamnoides products, Plant extract, Chinese medicine enzymolysis collagen peptide, Chinese medicine health food functional food.
Product Application
Medicine, food, health products, daily chemical, feed and other industries.
Production Equipment
Food production workshop, Plant extraction workshop.Polyrhachis Vicina Roger Made in China


Elastic Bandage is cylindrical, composed of polyester fiber elastic material and packaging bag.
Main Components of Self-stick Elastic Bandage:
Patented technology - optically condensation micelle fiber: super-refined fiber
With excellent coarseness of merely one tenth of common cotton fiber, its air permeability is equivalent to silk while durability is over three times to general cotton products. In addition, it鈥檚 also washable and durable that remains soft handfeel without stiffening or laddering. Other specialized properties include strong absorption, easy dehydration, mildew resistant as well as strengthened bacteriostasis performance. In conclusion, this self-stick and user-friendly bandage product offers superior comfort, ventilation and close fitting.
Main Features for Self-stick Elastic Bandage:
1.Optically condensation micelle: Fiber-skin-friendly, ventilate, moisture, absorptive and non-allergenic
2.Pressure injury free
3.Fiber self-adhesive and without clips or paste tapes
4.Rip cutting for easy to use
5.Paste a firm piece for 5~7days, without slippage or crimping
Self-Stick Elastic Bandage VS Gauze bandages
Compared with gauze bandages, firm pasting after 48h without any edge curl, burring or breakage
Self-Stick Elastic Bandage VS Other elastic bandages
Compared with other elastic bandages, easier to operate, pressure injury free
Target Group for Self-stick Elastic Bandage:
1.Transfusion fixation, plaster/splint fixation, external wound fixation
2.Hyperbaric therapy: venous ulcers, scar adjuvant therapy, hemostasis by compression in Various kinds of punctures: skin grafting operation, osmidrosis surgery, circumcision, plastic surgery
3.Adjuvant therapy in exercise-induced injuries: acute sprain, joint injuries
Operation procedure:
Clinical Applicable Departments for Self-stick Elastic Bandage:
Department of orthopedics (adult, children), Department of general surgery, burn department, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, Department of Neurosurgery, Department of Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology department, operation room.
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Elastic BandageSelf-stick: 2.5脳100銆?脳100銆?.5脳200銆?脳200銆?脳200銆?.5脳200銆?脳200銆?0脳200銆?2脳200銆?5脳200銆?脳300銆?.5脳300銆?0脳300銆?5脳300銆?脳450銆?.5脳450銆?脳450銆?0脳450銆?2脳450銆?5脳450銆?脳600銆?脳600銆?.5脳600銆?0脳600銆?5脳600buy discount Self Stick Elastic Bandage

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