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There are 7 pollutions in car
1, Bacterias and virus on the surface of steering wheel and other touch surface
2, Amine nicotine producted by the engine
3, Residual second-hand smoke
4, Formaldehyde, benzene, etc. generated in interiors such as seat cushions
5, Dust and dust mites from the air outlet of the air conditioner
6, Bad gases emitted by the human body
7, Smog in the air, dust on the road and car exhaust
Tototek car air purifier can successfully solve all those problems. It is a real air purifier, as it used a new technology of SPIC technology (super plasma ion cloud technology. World leading technology.
Do Car Air Purifiers Work?
Given what we have described above we have no confidence that a car air purifier will provide the clean air you are looking for.
The problems are real, however the solutions simply are not effective. In my opinion, they are quite gimmicky and if they produce ozone you are introducing pollution into your car. This goes against our philosophy of providing products that are effective and safe. So, this is not a product we have any interest in making or selling.
However, there is one solution we have seen in military use that could be effective but would require an installation in a vehicle. This is like a whole house or commercial air purification system for a car where you have a separate fan and filter bank. To work effectively you would have to give up some space, say in your trunk as well as go through an installation process.
Another solution would be to wear a mask. This will filter out many of the particles however unless you are wearing a respirator with a filter you will likely not be able to filter out the gases. When I am in China and wear a mask, I can still smell the pollution as well as tobacco smoke odors so I know even a N95 mask has limitations.
Poor air quality and pollution in cars is a serious problem. And one that is difficult to address since it requires the removal of both gases and particulates.
The air filters that come installed in cars are not designed to provide a clean air environment for people.
The car air purifiers on the market in our opinion are more gadgets than real solutions and in some cases can introduce pollution into your vehicle.
We will continue to look for a solution that is effective and practical. From experience, there are no shortcuts since moving air and filtering are based on the laws of physics and to do it right you simply cannot snap a small car plug-in device into your cigarette lighter.Air Purifier price

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