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Our History

Shenzhen YHT Broadband Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high technology company having its own brand “CSYHT” and specializing in R&D, manufacture and sales of fiber optic communication equipments.
It was established in 2003, and grows up rapidly.
In 2011, branch factory was established in Huizhou city.
In 2014, branch factory was renamed, Huizhou YHT Broadband Equipment Co., Ltd.
In November 2016, factory moved to YHT industry park.
The area of YHT industry park is about 36,000 square meters, 8 buildings.

YHT industry parck
YHT industry park

YHT reception destk
YHT office area
YHT meeting room

Our Factory
YHT provides one stop solution for fiber optic splicing, distribution, termination and protection products.
In order to provide the best products to customers, YHT implement ISO9001:2015 quality management system for controlling the quality constantly and strictly.
YHT has its own test laboratory which ensure the quality reliability and make them sold very well not only in local market but also the overseas market.
YHT test laboratory can do dust-proof test, waterproof test, UV test, Temperature test, tensile test, salt spray test, impact test etc.

Until now, we have hardware, injection moulding, diemaking, painting, assembling, optical cable production, cable & connector assembling workshops.

Hardware workshop
Hardware workshop

Hardware workshop
Hardware workshop

Painting workshop
Painting workshop

Diemaking workshop
Diemaking workshop

Injection moulding workshop
Injection moulding workshop

Assembling workshop
Assembling workshop

Optical fiber cable workshop
Optical fiber cable workshop

Cable & connector assembling workshop

Our Product
The main products of YHT include 19’’ fiber optic patch panel, distribution box/ODF, fiber optic terminal box, fiber optic splice closure, fiber optic cabinet, optical splitter box, fiber optic connector, patch cord, pigtail, adapter, attenuator etc.

Product Application
Our fiber optic products are widely used in FTTx, GPON, CATV, telecommunications, etc.

Our Certificate


Patent certifice
Patent certificate
BV certificate
Waterproof IP66 certificate

Patent certificate
Patent certificate
High technology enterprise certificate

Production Equipment

CNC punching machine
CNC Laser cutting machineHardware bending machine

Punching machine
Injection machine
Connector polishing machine

Automatic welding robot
CNC electrical discharge machine
Ordinary milling machine

Production Market
YHT export 80% goods to other counties. The market include Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and so on. You can meet us in many international exhbitions, such as Communicasia, ECOC, OFC, ITU, CIOE etc.

Our service
YHT has strong R&D ability for supporting customers OEM and ODM.

YHT has professional sales team for servicing customers for price, packing, shipment, etc. Issues.

YHT - Your Honest Team. We are ready for you.12 Core Fiber Optic Splice Tray


YD10 Revolution Speed Check Table is our newest development with international advanced level of a new generation of speed check equipment. It follows our development experience of TSI product, it is the perfect Combination of the first-class high-precision digital electric machine in the world and our excellent control and test technology.
YD10 Revolution Speed Check Table is suitable in the calibration of speed, zero speed, reversal protection and overspeed protection of various speed instruments, sensors and speed measurement system, especially suitable for on-site test and calibration.
We recommend the table as laboratory speed check standard equipment.
1.Small size, light weight, portable speed table.
All drive and control components are integrated in a portable aluminum alloy box, one person can easily carry it.
2. Smooth rotation, small vibration, low noise, safety and environmental protection.
When it is in the highest speed, it has little vibration, a slight sound of rotation speed; there is a protection cover around the rotating part. It’s safe to use.
3.Wide speed range, high precision, meet all high performance need.
4. A built-in standard speed signal source, multi-purpose, broader applicable scope.
5. Plenty of functions, simple operation, automatic calibration.
All parameters are set by digital setting, special operation complete on the keyboard, with Windows version of the operating software, through the PC to easily complete the operation of equipment, data record and report printing.
Technical details
Power input220VAC, 50Hz; maximum power dissipation is 500W.
Signal inputaccess 1 path sensor input, eddy current sensor, magnetic resistance type and magnetoelectric; the sensor output signal should be voltage or current.
Input voltage range- 24V ~ + 24V
Current input range0 ~ + 25mA.
DC power supplycan supply for 1 path sensor alone;provide positive, negative power for each sensor respectively, the positive and negative power are independently adjustable;
The positive power supply: 0 ~ +24V continuously adjustable, maximum current is 35mA;
The negative power supply: 0 ~ - 24V continuously adjustable, maximum current is 35mA.
Speed rangeclockwise rotation: 0 ~ 10000r / min; counterclockwise rotation: 0 ~ 10000r / min.
Speed accuracy100 ~ 10000r/min, range: ±1r/min (internal measurement);
0 ~ 100 r/min, range:±0.5r/min (internal measurement);
30 ~ 10000 r/min, range:±1r/min (external input signal measurement).
Rotor acceleration rangeClockwise rotation: 1~500r/min/S;Counterclockwise rotation: 1~500r/min/S.
Rotor acceleration precision±3r/min/S;
Standard outputstandard rotational speed rectangular pulse output, all the signal parameters given by digital.
Output speed range6~10000r/min;
Output speed accuracy6~100r/min, range: ±0.5r/min;100~10000r/min,range:<±1r/min.
Signal benchmark offset-10V~+10V, continuously adjustable;
Signal standard amplitude: 0V~10V continuously adjustable.
Dimensionslength * width * height 300*192*148 (gear disc height is not including in the height)
Further information
Features and Advantages
● Small size, light weight, true portable tachometer;
● Smooth rotation, low vibration, low noise, safe and environmentally friendly;
● Wide speed range and high precision to meet all high performance requirements;
● Rich in functions, simple in operation, fully automatic calibration;
● Equipped with Windows version of the operating system, easy to complete the operation of the device, data recording, report printing through the PC;
YD10 speed calibrator, high precision digital motor and our excellent control and testing technology, suitable for various speed instruments such as speed, zero speed, reverse protection and overspeed protection, and calibration of sensors and speed measurement systems. Especially suitable for field testing and calibration.
Minimum order quantity1 sample quantity, convenient for you to test product
Product warranty periodup to 18 months
Instant replyprofessional business team is available 24 hours online to serve you
Fast delivery strategysufficient inventory. It will take 3-5 working days after receiving your advance payment if items are in stock.
Customized serviceaccording to your requirements, different application, different parameters, product customization is available
Great after-sales serviceany condition affecting the use of the product during the warranty period will be replaced free of charge with NO EXCUSE. We guarantee unconditional technical support for life.Calibration Instrument China

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