Doctors lately are bad, 2000 years ago I was not in this world but still I can feel the difference, right now a doctor is interested in giving you the surgery and the prescription, they don't care at all and don't understand at all that every individual is completely different from another, each doctor should not be allowed to follow more than a limited number of persons in all their career, this is because knowing a patient takes a lot of time, you have to know everything from them before conclude any diagnosis. You have to know what they eat, what they do, what they like, what they think, what's their problems etc.. I Think that the only way to make it work in this period we are living is to be diffident to the max and just study your body yourself , write notes of every single problem and incoherence you have on your daily routine and life, make a " my health book" where you write any irrelevant to important aspect of your life so that you can present it to your doctor before any consultation. Before I take any pills or take any doctor advice I study deeply the subject on this problem I experiment on myself and then I say everything I have to discovered to my doctor becoming even more expert than him that he spent 10 years of his life studying stuff that it's barely useful in this world to excel.